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God's Purpose in Samson

The youth have just finished up their study of Samson on Wednesday Nights and in Sunday School. Samson may not have lived a life devoted to God as he was called to do. He may have made selfish decisions and reacted harshly out of anger. We may look at his life and think he failed to accomplish God's purpose. Yet, God knowing all of this still chose Samson to be a judge for his chosen people. God still used Samson's selfishness, pride and anger for his plan to help start to free his people from the Philistines and bring them back to him!

We see not only in Samson's story but also in many other's, that God uses the most broken and unlikely people in our eyes to fulfill his purposes. It's through their weaknesses and brokenness that God's power and love is made perfect. He didn't cover Samson with his Spirit and give him unimaginable strength because Samson wasn't deserving of such a gift. He chose to work through Samson's sinful humanness to bring himself glory and to break the Israelites free from the Philistines and their worldly way of life.

So we as a youth group were encouraged that God loves us and can use us even in our brokenness. That we don't have to have it all together for God to work through us. It maybe less painful in ways if we just obeyed him, because we also saw the consequences of Samson's selfish decisions. In the end though God's plan prevailed and he was given the glory.

Ways for Parents to Connect with Youth Through Their Studies

When you think about it ask your youth about Samson and what they learned from him over the past few weeks. If you get the chance read his story in Judges 13 - 16, yourself or as a family together!

Coming up Next:

The need for generational connections and community in the church is so important. So the youth will be preparing and teaching bible lessons with a fun activity for the younger kids during Family Night on Wednesday May 17 and Sunday school on May 21. With the hopes of continuing to cultivate meaningful relationships between our teens and kids at Mt. Olivet!


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