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Mt. Olivet Baptist Church in Beaverdam, Virginia, just west of Ashland, is a community of believers who come together to worship God, better understand the scriptures and serve others in the name of the Lord. 

Mt Olivet Communion

What We Believe

We believe that a church of the Christian faith is a company of baptized believers, voluntarily associated together to maintain the worship of God, and acknowledging no head but Christ, and no religious authority but the Word of God.


Our History

Mt. Olivet has a rich history beginning in 1847 when 40 people met to constitute a new church called the Old Bethlehem Meeting House. But a church is more than just a building. We strive to be faithful by giving our time and talents to help others. 


We're a mid-size rural church with a small church atmosphere. In addition to our staff, we have many church members using their talents by serving in committees to help us do the work of God.

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